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Faroes islands lay between Scotland and Iceland. They are small but even then they would surprise you with their beauty. Especially if you like mountains, hikes, and rough nordic nature. If you like all the mentioned above or at least some of them, you are in the right place. I would say that you should have a bucket list for Faroe islands – you can see there so much! Puffins, waterfalls, tiny cozy villages, and unbelievable mountains.

Faroe Islands bucket list

The list that I’m about to dive into consists of 10 places. It might seem like a lot for such a small place like the Faroe Islands. But trust me, there are many more places to visit than that. But these all are the essential ones.


Gasadalur waterfall

Do you remember browsing nature sights or seeing some incredible picture in natural geography with a waterfall that goes over the cliff to the sea? It very well might be Gasadalur. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Faroe Islands. Gasadalur is actually just the visit that you need to visit to get to the waterfall. But it is magical too. However, the waterfall is called Melafossur waterfall and it comes from a little river from the valley that surrounds the village.

There is a designated trail around the village that you can take. It is actually a short hike, it would take you about 40 minutes if you go slow and stop for a lot of pictures. But it is beautiful never the less. You get a lot of good viewpoints from that trail. This hike would eventually lead you to the Melafossur waterfall. Just make sure you won’t go too close to the cliff it might be pretty slippery.


Puffin from Mykines

It is not a village but a whole island. The Faroe Islands have 18 islands in total. Even if you skip most of them, Mykines should be definitely on your Faroe Islands bucket list.

This beautiful island is mostly known for one thing – puffins. And there is a lot of them. If you come at the right time, you can meet so many of these friendly little birds here.

There is a whole hike that will lead you through the places where thousands of birds nest every year. The hike will lead you around some of the cliffs and around the nearest village. The birds will be all around you if you come in the summer months. You will also see some nice lighthouse and views on other islands and cliffs around.

Leitisvatn – the lake above the ocean


Another very famous place that also lays in Faroe island called Vagar. It is the biggest lake in the Faroe Islands. Locals would come here and fish or camp around on designated places. But most of the tourists come here for one view.

Around Leitisvatn, there is a nature path, mainly made by sheep that will lead you safely around the cliffs. Once you get to the edge, you will see how tall are the cliffs around. Spoiler alert: very tall.

The hike doesn’t go all around the lake, just one side of it. And it is still about 3 kilometers one way. The hike is still very charming. But be prepared for a busy road. It is the one place where all the tourists want to go.

The Trollanes hike

Trollanes - Faroe Islands bucket list

I know that I’m talking a lot about the cliffs but in the Faroe Islands, they are everywhere. The hike in Trollanes will lead you around the highest cliff in Faroe islands.

The great thing about it is that it is pretty easy to get there and actually hike that path. It is also a relatively easy hike as well.

There is a big but. Since it is the highest cliff in the Faroe Islands, the issue is that very often clouds would stop here and surround this cliff. So you have to be very lucky to see this hike. But once you see it and it is all clear, you will be amazed by the beauty. If you have one extra day in the Faroe Islands and are not afraid to risk it, try this hike.


Torshavn government district

Most of the people would come to the Faroe Islands to see nature but give Torshavn a chance. Torshavn is the capital of the Faroe Islands and even though it has only 13 thousand habitants it is a town where you can spend a day or at least half a day.

You can visit the government district and walk around it. Believe me, it is funny to see how different it looks compared to different countries. Here it is just a couple of little red buildings with grass on the roof.

Another thing that I would certainly recommend visiting would be local restaurants. In the Faroe Islands, everything is about fish. They have a massive fish industry and they would give you fish everywhere. Torshavn also has one or two Michelin stars restaurants. If it is in your budget, you will probably never eat better fish in your life.

Other than that, there is a hike above Torshavn that will show you two other islands that lays behind Torshavn.


Drangarnir island in Faroe Islands

And we are back at nature and cliffs. Drangarnir is one of the islands in the Faroe Islands. The trick here is that you cannot go directly to the island. Instead, you would take a path that will show you all the beauty of this little island that looks like some sort of bridge.

I know that I’m talking a lot about hikes but this one is a must and definitely belongs to and Faroe Islands bucket list. It is relatively easy to take and you will get a lot of views. You will be able to see the Gasadalur from the distance but except for that, you will have a view on Drangarnir from all the angles and the island right behind Drangarnir.

When you go there, you will have to pay a fee. But it is definitely worth it. Nature is beautiful and besides that, you will see a lot of puffins and other birds – if you come in the summer months.


Tjornuvík - Faroe Islands bucket list

The northernmost village on the island called Streymoy. But also one of the oldest ones. Even though the village is in an open sea area. That is rare mainly because most of the old villages lay in fjords so it used to be easier for Vikings to park their boats there.

But Tjornuvik dates back to the year 1000. Currently, it is one of the most beautiful villages with a lot of old houses with typical grass on the roof. In the summer you can see here a lot of people enjoying the beach. But don’t get surprised. It is still a very cold place to bathe in. However, some people don’t mind and swim here anyway. Perhaps because of the beautiful view around.

The cold water also doesn’t stop some of the surfers that come here to try local waves. So heads up – the waves can get pretty big. But it is still a very special view to see the surfers enjoying waves in a place like this.


Saksun village

Another village but this one is one of the jewels of the Faroe Islands. Saksun is very close to Tjornuvík. So close there is actually a famous hike between those two villages. The hike is a medium difficulty but very beautiful.

But more about Saksun. It is a remote village on the north coast of Streymoy. It is also one of the oldest places you can visit in the Faroe Islands. Apparently archeologist even found some Viking graves around this village. And the village itself certainly has some vikingy classy look.

Basically you will see a village with a lot of old houses with a roof covered in grass. But a lot of them. More than usual. One of them is actually a church. Very classy and nice.

Saksun also has a unique position because it lays close to lagoon and waterfall. Both of them are quite visible from the village. If you want to see the lagoon, you can just follow one of the roads and get closer that way.


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Another village with incredible views. Eidi also belongs to one of the oldest villages in the Faroe Islands. It was first mentioned in scripts from the 14th century but archeologists are saying that the Vikings probably came in the 9th century.

Even though it is old like this, you wouldn’t meet here as many old houses as in Tjornuvik of Saksun. But you would see here an amazing nature around and that is certainly worth it.

Close to the village, there is a path where you can see two high rock rising to 75 meters above the sea. Amazing view! Another hike leads to a secret waterfall that also falls down to the sea. Really cool place to spend the afternoon.


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This village is supposed to be one of the most well-preserved villages you can find in the Faroe Islands. If you come here you will see not only the classy houses with grass on the roof but also one of the most interesting nature treasures in the Faroe Islands.

Right next to the houses in the village, you can see a massive gorge that is 200 meters long. Filled with seawater.  Never the less, a very interesting one to hike around and see.

Besides that, the village has a lot of mountains nearby so you can always get a special look at this village. It is another great place for spending there in an afternoon or morning. And if it gets too cold, you can even find there a teashop.

One extra thing to Faroe Islands bucket list – Fossá

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You might have been too tired by all the villages and islands that I mentioned. In that case, good news, Fossá is a waterfall. In fact, one of the highest waterfalls in the Faroe Islands.

It is a very spectacular place to go, the waterfalls go down in cascades and it has several levels. There is a path around it so you can see all the levels of Fossá and enjoy it properly.

However, make sure you come in time when it is raining. The Faroe islands might have rough weather but sometimes it is just a matter of the strong wind. And this waterfall is much stronger and much more beautiful if it is raining. Even if just for 20 minutes. It makes a big difference.

Practical info about Faroe Islands bucket list

Faroe Islands - first trip after the lockdown

Best time to come to the Faroe Islands

I was in the Faroe Islands in summer and I have to say, I would never come in winter. Even though the prices are much lower and it might look good, there are so many storms I don’t think I would be able to enjoy nature.

I also think that in spring and autumn might be a great time to come. Especially if you are looking for some cheaper time to come.

However, in summer, you can enjoy the long evenings and warmer temperatures. Also, summer is the time when puffins come to the Faroe Islands and it would be a shame to miss that.

How to get around the Faroe Islands

A lot of people would agree that the car is the easiest option. And I agree but it is very expensive. On the other hand, if you are going to rent a car, you will get everywhere without any problems.

Another option would be to catch a bus. The public transport around the Faroe Islands is actually pretty good. If you have a lot of time, you will certainly get everywhere you need to just with public transport.

If you like to meet locals or just other people, it is worth it to try hitchhiking. The locals are pretty used to take the hitchhikers and there is no danger around here. So you might want to try it to or from some remote villages.

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