Hi there beautiful faces! Here is a little bit about me and about my blog, Ginger around the globe.

Tanzania itinerary

My name is Albi – or Albina would be the full name. I’m originally from a little town in the Czech republic. However, currently, I’m living in a small town in Denmark. As you can see – not the biggest of the difference. Before that, I lived for half a year in Iceland in the middle of nowhere. Somewhere there – a 17km from a town with a supermarket, my passion for traveling began.

Since then I have been traveling all around the globe, from lots of places in Europe, I’m trying to discover more and more of other continents as well. So far my goal is to visit about 30 countries under 30. Oh, did I mentioned that I’m a 26-year old millennial? Yes, I am.

In Denmark, I’m studying web development. Before that, in the Czech Republic, I studied journalism. I still work as a journalist in one of the Czech newspapers and in Denmark, I’m having a part-time job in web development while I’m finishing my masters.

But enough about me. And a little bit more about this blog.

About blog Ginger around the globe

About Ginger around the globe

This blog came into life after many friends asked me about tips for traveling to different countries, where I have been. Blogging also connects my passion for traveling, writing and perhaps a little bit of programming. So far I have been blogging for one year about different countries, with more time I’m planning to add here more including travel tips – not just country-specific, but also all about living and studying abroad.

My goal with this blog, in general, is about making a complex website about traveling in both off the beaten path places, but also some that are well-known. And add here a tips and tricks for traveling and everything around. And perhaps because I’m trying to be sensitive and my journalist articles are mainly about social topics, there is a chance that you will see here some thoughts about this as well.

Here is a little disclaimer – English is my second language. And while I would say that I’m fluent in it, it is still a kind of challenge for me. So please, if you find here any incorrect grammar, just let me know. Thanks and happy traveling!