Ginger around the globe

Ginger around the globe

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I've been to 22 out of 217 countries (10.14%)
4 continents
22 countries
Hiking a volcano
there is not too many volcanoes to hike in Iceland, however in Vestmanneyjar it is very safe.

About me

My name is Albi and my biggest hobby is to travel. I’m originally from the Czech Republic, but I lived in Iceland and currently, I’m based in Denmark where I study.

I used to study journalism so blogging is an ideal way how to connect my passions. Other than travel, I like to ride horses, programming, and reading. I think that this place will be a mix of all my hobbies, but mostly it is about a girl who loves to travel and meet different cultures.

On this blog, you can find anything from my travel tales to some tips that I wish I would know before I traveled to the country.

  • Picture taken while traveling through town of Albi in France
    Statue in French castle in little town called Albi - like me