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Ultimate guide to Christmas markets in Prague

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Prague is a pretty busy city when it comes to tourists. The busiest season is perhaps during Christmas time when you can see Prague covered in snow and the atmosphere is just magical. A lot of tourists are coming to Prague to visit local Christmas markets. So here is my guide on how to not get lost in this chaos, where you can find the nicest Christmas markets and what you can buy there.

Christmas markets in Prague

Old town square

Old town square on Christmas

Traditional Christmas markets on Old town square

The old town square is perhaps the most known place to visit Christmas markets. The square is pretty big, so there is a lot of different stands, usually, there is also a podium, where kids are singing Christmas songs. You can also visit here all different sights, that definitely should be on your itinerary. The old town square just has a great atmosphere. Even though it is full of tourists, it is still something special to see. You can find here the biggest Christmas tree in Prague. The first lighting is usually on the first advent Sunday and from then it is lighted up every day from 16.30.

Wenceslas square

Wenceslas Square Christmas

Wenceslas square is perhaps one of the biggest squares in Prague but doesn’t have the biggest Christmas markets in Prague. However, you won’t find as many sights here. But that also means that there are fewer tourists here. Not by far, but there are. And it is close to most of the public traffic and a lot of hotels. These markets also have their own Christmas tree, but it is not as big. But it is the same amount of beautiful. Besides that, you will find here the same kind of things to buy as anywhere else.

Prague castle

castle Christmas markets

Yes, there are Christmas markets in Prague castle as well! The best thing about them is that they are inside the castle, so there is something extra to do once you are there. You can also visit the local cathedral, just as something extra. In the cathedral, they have also special Christmas merchandise.

Republic square

If you will be looking for these Christmas markets in Prague, you would find them on “náměstí Republiky”. The main reason why they are special is perhaps the fact that there is a lot of blacksmith traditions. Even outside of the Christmas period, there are some markets and there are a lot of blacksmiths going around. Another great thing about these markets is the fact that there is a big mall close by, so if you cannot choose what to buy in the markets, you can always buy something in the mall.

Christmas markets on Piece square

Piece Square christmas

These are my favorites! On the “náměstí Míru” or Piece square, you can find another Christmas markets. They are perhaps smaller, but they are just as nice. In fact, they have a rather ambient atmosphere. There is a big church in the middle of the square, which somehow makes it extraordinary. Even though they are smaller, you can still find here all kinds of traditional Chrismas things. Perhaps the main reason why I like these the best is because they are usually not crowded at all.

Christmas markets in Prague – what to buy?

angel christmas markets Prague

Mulled wine

That is mainly so you wouldn’t feel so bad about spending a lot of money, but it is a tradition and a lot of people here are offering very nice cups of mulled wine.

Hot mead

Here we are getting to something that could be considered as the Czech tradition. Czech has a big tradition in beekeeping and this is one of the specialties. A lot of times you can buy there a bottle as a present to take home.


Czech people have some traditions in making puppets and on Chrismas markets, you can usually see a lot of them. They also work as a great gift for kids.


All kinds of candles! Small ones, big ones, special colors, special pictures and so on. Some of them smell really nice. And as I said before, Czech has a tradition in beekeeping and some of these are looking very much like a honeycomb.

Crafty gifts

There are so many of them! From blacksmithing, where you can get a special bracelet from here, to glaziers market with cool glass trinkets. You can also buy here a lot of things from crafted wood, that looks really awesome and it is in special shapes too.

General information about Christmas markets in Prague

Christmas markets in Prague

Most of them begin at the end of November. More specifically, it is usually the 30th of November or the first advent Sunday. Those Christmas markets usually last till the 6th of January. Most Christmas markets are open from 10 AM till 7 PM.

If you want to see a Christmas tree, there are usually two big ones – one in Oldtown, that would be the main one. And the other big one is on Wenceslas square. They are usually lighting from 16.30 till 21.30 in the evening.

Lastly, the temperature in Prague in December is usually between -5 to 5 celsius, so there is a chance of seeing white Christmas. But more importantly, take a warm coat and gloves.

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