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Prague guide and itinerary by local

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I’m not originally from Prague, however, I spend there for about 5 years, so I would consider myself as a local. This post is all about Prague, so let me be your guide. Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and with a population of 1,3 million, also the biggest city. Prague is a city mainly for people who love history. It is a city, where Franz Kafka lived, and quite a lot of movies were made here. For example Blade 2, Van Helsing, Mission Impossible and from the latest one, also series called Carnival Row.

Prague guide: What to do in Prague?

Royal route

Prague Powder tower

Prague Powder tower

When you go to visit Prague, you might hear about something called the Royal route. It is a route that kings used to walk to their coronation. In Prague, it started at something called Powder Tower (Prašná brána). Unfortunately, for now, there is not a lot to do now there, so if you go there, maybe just enjoy the walk through the little but very old streets.

Prague guide - old town square

The next stop for the king was the Old town square. This place is also well known for its historical sights. So what can you see here? There is a massive statue of one of the biggest Czech pastors. Except for this one, you can also see there a Týn church – the one that looks like from Disney, and the old town hall. Except for this, you can also visit here the national gallery.

If you feel like you can see the things from all the above, it is possible to buy a ticket for the old town hall, where you get a very different view on Prague. On one of the sites of old town hall is also something called the astronomical clock. Those were made in the 14th century and still have a little play once in an hour. But be prepared, that you won’t be the only one standing there and waiting for them to play.

After visiting Old town square, feel free to go further to Charles bridge. It is also the oldest bridge in Prague. You can find there very old statues. Besides that, you can see the whole historical part of Prague.

Prague castle

Prague castle in far

This is still part of the royal route. After the Charles bridge, the streets will take you straight up to the castle. It is not a long or steep walk but be prepared to go slightly upwards. Prague castle is where the coronation took place in medieval times. There are parts of the castle that are always open to visitors and you can easily go there. Entrance fees are not too high. As a bonus, you can visit Saint Vitus cathedral, perhaps the most important cathedral in the country.

Wenceslas square

Prague guide Saint Wenceslas Square

Now, when we got a coronation route, let’s look elsewhere. Wenceslas square is possibly one of the biggest squares in Prague, with a statue of Wenceslas on the horse as the main sight there, right under the national museum. This square will possibly remind more of a communist time in the country than any other period, mainly because the architecture here is from that time and it is just something very different than rest of the Prague.

If you are looking for places to shop, this would be one of them, there are thousands of little or bigger shops. There is also the national museum. If you are wondering whether you should visit it – I think you can, but the sights inside are quite old and mostly it is made for Czech people rather than tourists. But if you like architecture, then you should really think about going there, cause since 2019 it is renovated and the building is beautiful.

Prague guide through buildings

There are a couple of historical buildings that I would like to mention, that are worth observation. You might not want to go inside, but it is something to walk around.

Dancing house

Dancing House, Prague

Source: Wikipedia

One of the very few modern buildings in the historical center in Prague. I have actually no idea why is it called that way, but right now it is a hotel. However, this building also has it’s own gallery and glass bar, so you can still visit it.

National Theatre

National Theatre

National Theatre is a piece of history. The whole building burned down in 1881, but people decided to collect money for reconstruction, so it is standing and working up till now.

Petřín lookout tower

Prague guide - Lookout tower

If you don’t like heights, you might not like this one. It is the highest point in Prague. The reason why it is interesting is not necessary because of its location. This tower was built as a replica of the famous Eifel Tower in Paris and it is one-third of its size.

Prague guide – 2-day itinerary in the Czech capital

Opera house in Prague

Opera house in Prague

Now, this is quite an easy one. Prague is not that big to spend here whole week, if you come for 2 days, you will have full days full of adventure.

One of those days should be definitely walking up to the Prague castle through the royal route. You will get a lot to see and there are some additional stops on the way.

The second day is a little bit freer. You should definitely visit the Wenceslas square and perhaps walk around the river to have a nice view of the city. If you feel like you want to try something different, you should hop on one of the boats and see Prague from a different angle.

Don’t forget about one of the most important things here in Prague. Make a time to taste Czech beer!

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