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Where to eat and drink in Prague by local

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The Czech Republic is well known for its beer. But where to get a beer and not get scammed? There is a lot of places that are cheap and very nice. Some places will try to scam you. Never the less I still believe that there is a lot of decent places with traditional czech cuisine, even though some of them might be harder to find. So here is my list of best bars, pubs, and cafes where you should drink and eat in Prague.

Where to eat and drink in Prague – Pubs, and bars

James Dean

James Dean Prague

James Dean is certainly one of the best options for drinking and eating in Prague. Photo: James Dean Prague

Prices: $$$

It might be one of the more expensive bars in Prague, however, there is a great atmosphere and it is very close to the Old town square, which should be on your itinerary for Prague. Besides that, James Dean has great cocktails to offer, friendly staff and sometimes live music. With drinks for about 5 dollars and burgers for 10, it is certainly one of the best bars in Prague.

Bar Cobra

bar Cobra Prague

Photo: bar Cobra


Bar Cobra is certainly one of the best that Prague can offer. The bar has very nice prices and very friendly and helpful staff. It might not be in the center of Prague, but it is close. Just 5 minutes by tram. The bar is paying attention to new trends in gastronomy and has very tasty cocktails and food.

Jazz Club Ungelt

Jazz club Ungelt


Jazz club Ungelt offers a lot of fun. It is the only bar in Prague that is focused on Jazz and Blues. This means if you are a fan of this classy genre, you should be coming here. The bar has fair prices and a lot of live concerts.

Lucerna music bar

Lucerna Praha

Photo: Lucerna Praha


Lucerna music bar is probably one of the cheapest bars in Prague with local offers. It offers cool drinks and as a bonus, you can dance here. Yes, that is true. On weekends this is a place to be if you want to dance. Good quality Djs are here quite often, so you can certainly feel the beat here. Except for DJs, there are also a lot of concerts from various artists.

Bar No. 7

bar no 7 where to eat and drink in Prague

Photo: Tripadvisor


Bar No. 7. It has a very ambient atmosphere, great drinks, and a great location. It is a very local bar, where you can rest from crowds. At the same time, the staff is nice and friendly. They are open till 2 am, so there is no rush there for going back to your hotel.

Extra tip: Friends bar


Photo: Tripadvisor

Here is one extra tip for LGBT+ friendly bar. Friends bar is a lot of fun with tons of music. It is gay-friendly and everyone feels welcome here. They are open till 6 am so there is a lot of space for partying all night long.

Where to eat and drink in Prague – cafes


Cafe slavia

Photo: Cafe Slavia


Cafe Slavia has a very convenient location, close to the river. This means that from here you will have a great view of Prague castle. Café Slavia offers a lot of pastry, even traditional Czech pastry. They also have a piano and time to time a piano man playing. The cafe is well known for Czech artists to like to visit it as well. So here you are, maybe sitting next to a Czech actor and not knowing about it.

Grand café orient

Grand Orient Café where to eat and drink in Prague


Grand café orient is all about cubism. When you enter the door, you can clearly see that this is the style that they want to go with. Which is creating a very fancy atmosphere. In general, the cafe feels very fancy but has good prices considering the services it offers. At the same time, it is very close to the Old town square, so there is history right behind the corner.

Můj šálek kávy

Můj šálek Kávy - where to eat and drink in Prague

Photo: Můj šálek kávy


Můj šálek kávy translates to  My cop of coffee. It is a cool and urban looking café with a hipsterish feeling but a passion for coffee and coffee art. Můj šálek kávy is not exactly in the city center, but about 5 minutes by tram or subway, which makes it very accessible. Besides the surrounding neighborhoods is very nice and modern, so it is worth the trip.

Café Louvre

Café Louvre, Prague.

Café Louvre, Prague.

Prices: $$$

Café Louvre is a very classy café. It is certainly for everyone who can enjoy classy looking restaurant with a very high-quality service. The prices might be a little bit higher, however, the food and drinks here are one of the best that you will find all around.

Ema espresso bar


Photo: Trip advisor


Ema espresso bar is modern-looking coffee with very nice prices and very cool areal. They pay a lot of attention to good coffee and coffee art. Along with Můj šálek kávy, they are one of the places where they support ethical coffee. Ema espresso bar is also hipsterish and urban looking coffee. It is situated in the center of Prague, not too far from the main train station.

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where to eat and drink in Prague


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