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What to eat in Czech republic

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Last week I published a post about where to eat in Prague, the question still is, what to eat in the Czech republic. There is a lot of local delicacies of Czech cuisine and if you are visiting Prague or other places, you should try at least some of them, even though you might have a very busy itinerary with other things to do.

What to eat in Czech republic – my list


Goulash might be known for being from Hungary, but we have it as well and a lot of people here are trying different recipes of goulash. Some are with cabbage, some are with dumplings and there can be a different type of meat.

If you have never heard about this type of food, here is a short description: Goulash is a stew, or sometimes a soup, with meat, seasoned with paprika. A big part of the souse is a very well cooked onion. It is served with pasta, bread or dumplings. If you have never tried goulash, try it with Czech dumplings. It is cooked bread, but very nice.

Beef sirloin with cream souse


Or as we call it – Svíčková. Svíčková is one of the classical meals in Czech. What you need to know here is that different meat is used here. Some people are using beef, but it is not necessary. A lot of people are using deer if they can. More about the souse. The souse is seasoned with vegetables. Usually, people are using carrots, parsley root, celeriac, and onions. It might not sound like the best thing ever, but it tastes nice. And with this meal, again, dumplings and pasta is usually the side dish to go.

Roast pork, dumplings, sauerkraut

Knedlo Vepro Zelo

This is perhaps one of the most known food in Czech itself. The name says itself what it is. In Czech, we call it “Knedlo vepřo zelo”, so it rhymes a little. This time there is no special souse, you would use usually just the sauerkraut.

What to eat in Czech republic – tips for vegetarians

So far I didn’t mention any tips for vegetarians. The truth is, Czech cuisine doesn’t have too many things that would be vegetarian – or at least diet for that matter, but we do have some. So this is the place for me to show you which one to order.

Deep-fried cheeses or Cauliflower

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I don’t have a good explanation for this, but it is true, we deep-fried a lot of things. Essentially, when you come to Czech home and you tell them that you are vegetarian, they will nod and they start frying things. Usually, it is the cheese that gets deep-fried or Cauliflower. We eat it with cooked potatoes and tartar souse.

Little funny story here – once I asked my mom, why are we doing this and she told me that during communism time, people didn’t get meat from a supermarket, so instead of doing a schnitzel with pork, they would do the same with cheese. Cheese usually wasn’t such a big problem to find during that time, so they used this instead.

Dumplings filled with fruit

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Welcome to the Czech republic. A place, where we deep fry all sorts of stuff and try to use dumplings way too much! This is one of the cases. Dumplings are one of the things that we try to use everywhere. The filled once are not an exception. We are filling them up with strawberries, blueberries or plums, sometimes with peaches.

It might not sound as good or as the main course, but it is. So feel free to try it, it is usually in all of the local restaurants around the summertime when it is a fruit season.

What to drink in the Czech republic

Food is great, but don’t forget to hydrate. Here are some little tips on what you should try.

Czech beer

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Beer is one of the things that we are very proud of. It is a pilsner type of beer and you will find it everywhere. There are so many Czech breweries, that you can taste a lot of different beers. I would recommend that for the light type of beer you should try Pilsner Urquell and for the darker one, definitely try a beer called Kozel (male goat in translation).

Here is why am I saying this. In the Czech Republic, every bigger town has its brewery and locals are incredibly proud of that. I am originally from the pilsner region, so of course, I like Pilsner. It is also where this kind of beer was invented.


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Kofola is something like Czech coca-cola only tastes a lot different. This cola recipe has also some herbs in it, which makes it taste a lot different. Some years ago, the company tried to make a campaign for foreigners visiting Prague, making a hashtag on social media. Basically, they were asking if Kofola tastes good or weird. In my opinion, it takes some getting used to. But it is worth to try.


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If you want to get drunk and try some liquer that won’t necessarily burn a hole in your brain, try this one. It is a traditional liquer full of herbs. People would use it very often as digestive as the herbs are quite helpful. Also, it is one of the more yummier liquer to drink in the country, where it is normal to make your own alcohol and a lot of those have over 70% and kind of burn your throat. So if you feel like trying something like this, go for Becherovka.

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