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Visiting Aalborg: pearl of architecture in Northern Denmark

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Even though Copenhagen is usually a place to go when it comes to Denmark, this little country have a lot more to offer. Recently spotlights fell on Aalborg, fourth biggest city of Denmark. New York Times mentions this city as a place to go in 2019. Visiting Aalborg should be one of the must-do on your danish itinerary. Because Aalborg can be the right center for hygge.

What to do when visiting Aalborg?

Kunsten – Museum of Modern Art Aalborg

Kunsten Aalborg

Kunsten is a pearl in your eye and shouldn’t be missed by any art lover when visiting Aalborg

Kunsten is an architectural miracle and will remind you, why nordic architecture is so special. This building was designed by three architects across Scandinavia. You can find Kunsten in the middle of a green field which gives it a really special atmosphere since the building placed like this reminds more of the statue rather than the museum itself.

This museum currently offers four exhibitions of modern art, some of which are interactive. So here is a place to see new Nordic art in a place with a very Nordic style. Kunsten also offers interesting events on regular basis. A lot of them are workshops or fancy dinners in the place.

Musikkens Hus

Musikkens Hus is a great mixture of music and architecture. It is very close to the shore of Limfjord, so it makes a great view. This extraordinary building offers both international and local concerts. Musikkens Hus has eight floors and because of this size, it offers several music halls. This is especially handy for students of a music conservatory, who has here often their musical numbers.

Utzon Center

Utzon center

Utzon makes an extraordinary view of the waterfront. They also make very special events.

We are not finished with culture or architecture! Utzon offers both. This cultural centrum became home to a lot of inspiring talks, conferences and other events. A building which stands out from other places in waterfront Aalborg is recognizable from far and offers cultural events almost every week. In these special spaces, you can find different exhibitions, enjoy the local library and design places with a shop. Very hygge indeed!


Submarine in the middle of city

This fun center makes you try what it is to live in the sea. So don’t miss it when visiting Aalborg

This place is here in case you are tired of architecture and interested in the sea. Or even more – life at sea. This massive submarine and some boats stands in the middle of Aalborg and offers hours of fun. Especially if you find it fun to get to know more about life at a marine or history lesson about these vessels.

It is easy to spend hours here. This museum offers hundreds of models of boats and interactive fun as well as stories of these boats. If you are interested in seeing titanic or other famous ships, they have them here. If this sounds like something that is fun only for adults who likes boats and history, it isn’t. It is a family place where kids get to play with lego or try to be marines.

Park of music

Back to music! Aalborg seems to love culture. And this park, that is only 2 minutes from the train

Aalborg and sense for music

Park of songs in Aalborg

station shows it pretty well. I still think that it is so close to the train station so you can hear it and go there right away when visiting Aalborg. Here is how it looks. You have an alley of trees, every tree has it’s own music box in front of it. Press the button and certain music starts to play. There are all kinds of music from Elton John to Mozart or even Justin Bieber if you will. It is quite fun to run around and try to press as many buttons as possible, hear the park sing.

Aalborg party street

Aalborg has quite a long party street with very different kinds of pubs. You can find a here typical English pub with sports event and cheaper beer, but also some cocktail bar, disco places and anything that really comes to mind. If you are visiting Aalborg for more than one day, this could be a great place for a party and seeing nightlife in Denmark. It is not only drinking places but also some nice restaurant for starting the evening of fun. This place is especially popular during the Aalborg festival in spring when even normally crowded places are flooded with people with funny dresses.

Day trips from Aalborg

If you are visiting Aalborg, you can also make it as your base or starting place for different trips around northern Jutland.

Rubjerg knude lighthouse

Rubjerg knud lighthouse

If you want to experience a little bit of desert in the Nordic country

Yes, there is a desert in Denmark. And yes, there is a lighthouse in it. It is very close to the sand cliff and northern sea though. Rubjerg is definitely must-go place when it comes to northern Jutland. It is one of the pearl of northern Denmark and only an hour from Aalborg. There are a lot of hiking paths around and the especially good thing about this is that it is beautiful in any weather.



When Northern sea meets Baltic! Skagen is a great day trip from Aalborg

Skagen is the most northern place of Denmark. It is an actual little town with brewery and beaches. If you want to see the place where northern sea meets baltic, continue to the north, around the bunkers from world war two and enjoy the view. If the sky is very clear, you will be able to see Norway shore.

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