Visiting Stockholm – the Venice of the North

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One of the Stockholm's squares

The colorful building in the middle of the Stockholm in the historic center

Stockholm is often called Venice of the north because it is built on 14 islands. The capital of Sweden with countless museums and sights is definitely interesting to visit. In this little guide, I get together some information about visiting Stockholm.

When is a good time for visiting Stockholm?

This really depends on what would you like to see. In winter you have an opportunity to see cozy  Stockholm covered with snow or decorated with ice on every tree around, which definitely gives you a unique atmosphere. It is also the only time of the year when the water between islands freezes so you can walk on it (do it only if you see others to do it).

Spring is interesting because Stockholm’s parks are blooming. However, spring and summer are sorts of same as in any Scandinavian city. When it is sunny, the city is lovely to look at either due to its blooming trees or water filled with yachts.

What I really like was autumn, when I was there. Colorful trees, sometimes a bit of sun so it is not so cold. To me – an ideal time to go there.

Nordiska - one of the museums in Stockholm

Nordiska is one of the most beautiful, hogwards looking building in Stockholm.

How much time do I need for visiting Stockholm?

Well, this really depends on you. The centrum of Stockholm is relatively small and if you go only for outside sights, 2 days will be enough and it will be relaxed enough for coffee stops.

However, if you feel like visiting some of the sights or museums (which I really recommend), take more days. It, of course, depends on how many museums do you want to visit, but if you are shooting for more than 3, just make your trip longer. It will pay off, you won’t be forced to walk 18 km per day as we did.

What to visit?

Start your visit by a little walk around Stockholm. We went around the royal palace, parliament, the fanciest hotel in the town, the city hall and through the small magical streets. As an overview of the city, it is great and maybe you get a better idea of what to visit next. If you are traveling by subway, try to take the blue line. The blue line of Stockholm’s subway is a little bit like a gallery. Some stations are looking like they are on fire, the others under the water. It is quite a view and I wish more subways would be original like this.

Vaasa museum

Vaasa – the museum of the great Swedish failure brought back to live in airlock museum


Stockholm has a lot of them. A lot. As a guide through museums, I would recommend choosing something more original that you can find only in Stockholm. Every capital has a national gallery, but do you want to visit all of them? My favorites are the ABBA museum and the Vaasa museum. If you have more time, go to Nordiska – the museum of the North, where you can see history as well as the art. There is also a museum of Absolut vodka, which is recommended later in the day. I will also mention the museum of Nobel prices, where you can see all the winners and the hall and everything about Nobel Price.

If you went to the part of the Stockholm where ABBA museum is and you are interested in Scandinavia and the old days, go for Skansen. Skansen is a place where you can see how it used to look in Sweden. And there are different times like 30’s, middle age and so one. You can have a look at the craftsmen working and buy something from them.

More tips for visiting Stockholm

In Sweden, almost everyone can speak English, so you don’t need to worry about it.

A lot of museums are for free, but the ones I mentioned are not (privately owned). Most of the museums are closed on Mondays.

Sweden is expensive. Very expensive.

To drink alcohol is frown upon and after some hours in a day, you will have an issue to find a place where to buy it – if we are not talking just about restaurants.

Well, that is it for Stockholm. Let me know if you have more questions.

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