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Tales of Iceland part 3: About Icelanders and dating

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The last part of my blog about living in Iceland is dedicated to Icelanders. To be more specific – how was it to date an Icelander and about themselves. How different they are from other parts of Scandinavians.

Dating in Iceland


Icelanders are a lot about equality. And you can quite see it everywhere.

Dating in Iceland is very different due to a small population. So for example what is quite normal – people approaching you with a weird app in their phone. There is an app that shows how much related you are. Which is a big thing up there. People are saying that it is not true, that this is made for dating, however, I got several Icelandic guys to approach me like this.

Icelanders don’t have an issue with dating foreigners, in fact, a lot do it. I can only imagine that once you dated three people in Reykjavík, you don’t have a lot of opportunities anymore. Also, this is how tinder on Iceland looks like: you turn on searching for a match. Then you swipe several times, probably like 10. After that, the app will ask you to make a wider search. Then you swipe twice and then the app will ask you again. Very small gene pool.

I will never forget on my second date with the guy from Iceland I dated. He came with a pot of heather: „I’ve heard that down in the south the girl would get a flower and we don’t really have flowers here,“ which was very sweet. Then we went around the town for a coffee and after that, he decided to bring me to his family party. Yes, on a second date. Apparently, they already knew about us from the rumors that they heard on the first date so it doesn’t make sense to them to wait for the meeting. So dating on Iceland in long-term must feel very different.

Icelanders and the world

Reykjavík from above

This is Reykjavík from the top floor of the highest building. Capital but still very small.

To sum up, I would love to say, that Icelanders are quite different. Any hike I went to, all of them wanted to talk to me. My explanation of that is that while most Scandinavians like some kind of privacy with the matter of not talking to each other and quite big personal distance, Icelanders are not like this. I can imagine that it is due to a small population when if you don’t talk to a stranger that you just see, there is a fair chance that you might not talk to anyone except your family in next two weeks. Especially if you live in the countryside.

Also, there is something special about safety in Iceland. People are rarely locking their houses, cars or bikes because they know who lives around them. They don’t expect them to be idiots. And weirdly enough same goes for the only prison that is in Iceland – it is not locked, it is just in the middle of nowhere. And food for all of the prisoners is coming there like twice a week. This way they know that they cannot leave because even if they would, they would never have enough food, they are far away from society and people would probably recognize them.

It is also quite interesting how it looks like when Iceland gets political. Even people from the middle of the country would travel to the capital for demonstrations and protests. They do respects different opinions and love to know about other countries and their politics.

So they are quite nice people. And most of them love horses and cats. I actually don’t know why cats, but there are very straight rules regarding having a dog in Iceland, which is probably why Reykjavík is capital for cats.

Another important note: they are super proud of anything that is from their country. From actors to sports victories, music and so one. Those are great people to visit.

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