5 Swedish towns to visit

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Sweden is a big country and everyone seems to know only Stockholm and maybe Malmö – due to the TV series. But there are a lot more Swedish towns to visit. Well, here is a little guide on what other towns you might want to visit when going to Sweden.

Swedish towns to visit



Göteborg is the second biggest city in Sweden. It is also a city that seems to be very different from Stockholm. Stockholm is filled with history and it is a typical Scandinavian city. Well, Göteborg looks very new, filled with new buildings, old and historical center it is more similar to Copenhagen rather than the Swedish capital.

What to do there? You can always visit Göteborgs archipangelo or science museum – Universum. If you are into amusement parks, go for Liseberg. Another recommended activity – for example, what we did on our trip, is to walk around the harbor, see the architecture and feel the vibes of the city. But if you want to go for something very original, go for a boat trip around Göteborgs canals. It is with a guide that will tell you all about the buildings around. Göteborg is definitely an interesting place to visit, but more like spend a weekend there, rather than take a week vacation to be there.

Turning Torso

The tallest building in Sweden and possibly in whole Scandinavia


Malmö is a capital of Skane region or county if you will. It is very famous for being a part of the series called The Bridge – a crimi series about crimes between Copenhagen and Malmö. I recommend to watch it.

Except for this, Malmö has the tallest building in whole Sweden and possibly in Scandinavia as well. It is called The turning torso and it is modeled as a body that is turning. Quite interesting. There is also a great view of the bridge between Malmö and Copenhagen, which is interesting especially when you want to watch sundown there.

Another activity to do is to visit a museum of disgusting food – you got to see 80 meals that are considered disgusting in some cultures around the world. Moreover, you can also taste some. Good luck with that. But if you are interested in normal and very good food, there is a lot of good restaurants in Malmö, so check them out.

I also recommend to visit a castle, that is here, it is in the middle of the parks and they have interesting exhibitions.

Lake in Jönkopping

Jönkopping is quite a small Swedish town, however, it offers great hiking possibility.


And here is my favorite. Jönkopping is a very small city, that might look like it doesn’t have anything to offer. However, there is a university here and quite a nice architecture. But more importantly, Jönkopping would be a great place for hiking around the lake. Actually, any activity with the lake could be awesome, even in the fall, we saw people there to do fishing, during the summer you can be bathing in it.


Swedish towns to visit: Lund the university town

This historic town isn’t big but it is great for a day visit, but it offers a great historic center, very similar to old university  campuses in America. As a bonus, you can visit the biggest museum in southern Sweden – very Viking-y!


A place that used to be Danish but then Swedes took it back. Except for waving on it to Denmark beaches – that are visible from these towns, you can visit the castle that is said that it is a place where Hamlet from Shakespeare used to live. And every summer there is a theatre, where you can see the Hamlet play.


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