Unique things to see in Tanzania and Zanzibar

Unique things to see in Tanzania and Zanzibar

There is a lot to consider when going to Africa for the first time. One of them is which country you should visit first. I decided to go to Tanzania because there is a lot of unique things to see and a lot of them are different. I loved the trip, even though it was just two weeks, it was a trip of a lifetime. Here is a list of what I saw and if you want to visit Tanzania, you should consider visiting them too.

Unique things to do in Tanzania and Zanzibar

Unique things to do in Tanzania

Before I start writing this list, let me make something clear – Tanzania is sort of two countries. There is Tanganyika on the mainland and then there is Zanzibar. Now they are together but it wasn’t always the case. Both of them are also sort of different. In this post, I decided to write about both of them since they do belong together.

Unique things to do in Tanzania

National parks

Zebras in one of the national parks
Zebras in one of the national parks

Tanzania is full of wildlife. Most of the people would head to the north, close to the border with Kenya. Mainly because there is a lot of wildlife there and the parks there are just gorgeous. You can see there notoriously known parks like Serengeti and Ngorongoro and so much more. Which is great especially if you want to see the big 5.


Mount kili
Kilimanjaro is certainly one of the unique things to do in Tanzania

Yep, you can most definitely climb to the roof of Africa from here. It is one of the most unique things to do in Tanzania. Personally, I didn’t do that, because you need about a week to complete it, but it is something that is still on my list. Besides, Kilimanjaro is also just beautiful to look at. But if you are interested in climbing the highest mountain in Africa, check out this guide.

Waterfalls under mount Kilimanjaro

waterfalls under mount kili

Visiting a waterfall certainly isn’t something unique to do, but here in Tanzania, you can even swim in them. And even better, you have to hike through plantages to get there, which might be a little bit difficult, but overall it is a great adventure and it is really one of the best things to do.

Hot springs

hotsprings as a unique thing to do in Tanzania

It might not feel like that but overall, Africa can be kind of cold. So Hotsprings is definitely something to visit. The one that I visited had crystal clear water and were surrounded by a lot of trees. Overall, it looks very surreal and it was like in a movie. There weren’t too many people and yet there were utilities like toilet and place to eat.

Visiting Lake Cebu

Lake Cebu is also one of the unique things to do in Tanzania. Going to that area you get a great view of the lake, you can bike around it. And if you are into bird watching, then this is definitely a trip for you. Lake Cebu is also in the northern part of Tanzania. It might be more expensive but it is definitely worth it.

Unique things to do in Tanzania and Zanzibar

Jozani forest

columbus monkey
Make sure to visit Columbus monkey, they are easy to spot

Jozani forest is in Zanzibar. And what is so unique about it? Well, it has very rare red Columbus monkeys. Currently, this is the only place where they live. The great thing about them is the fact that they are not really afraid of people. Meaning that you can go really close to them. They live together with another kind of monkeys so it is very easy to spot them both. And here in this forest, you are sure that you will see them.

White sand beaches

whitesand beach in Zanzibar

Zanzibar has amazing beaches. There are all white, the sea is nice and clean. You can even get to some water activity like kiting or beach volleyball or snorkeling. There are also a lot of restaurants on the beach, so it is easy to eat there as well. The only thing that might be kind of annoying is the fact that you kind of need to keep talking to the people who will offer you things to buy. But that is now almost everywhere.

Zanzibar city

Stone town as a unique thing to do in Tanzania
The stone town should be on a list of unique things to do in Tanzania

Zanzibar City is quite an amazing place to see. It is the biggest city in Zanzibar. You can visit there a Stone town. Stone town is very special though. Build-in past centuries, the streets are really hard to navigate yourself through. Which is something that makes it even more fun. Overall you can visit there also Freddie Mercury house and the Slave market with a heartbreaking history.

Prison island

Prison Island
place with a heartbreaking history

Prison island is part of Zanzibar slave trade history. But it is still nice to see, especially if you are into history. If you are not, there is also a lot of turtles there to visit as well. The turtles are something that was left behind by slave owners and now there are about hundreds of turtles there. It is quite a strange place, but very interesting.

Conclusion – Unique things to see in Tanzania

Africa for first-timers

There is a lot of things to do in Tanzania. To visit them all, you would probably need a lot of time and money as well. Even though Tanzania is a cheap country, some things just don’t come cheap as we would like to. But anyway, it is a beautiful place and if Africa is on your list, Tanzania should be definitely one of the places to visit.

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8 Replies to “Unique things to see in Tanzania and Zanzibar”

  1. I’ve been dying to visit Tanzania! I knew all about the beaches and the safaris, but I had no idea there were hot springs and rainforests as well – now I EXTRA need to go!

  2. Tanzania is SO high on my list! I’m loving all of these ideas, I can’t wait to go! Actually I didn’t know there are waterfalls under Mount Kilimanjaro. That looks awesome! I’m not fit enough to climb it, but I’d be happy to hike to see the waterfalls 🙂

  3. This all looks awesome. I have some mates that all climbed Kilimanjaro and I wanted to join them sooooo much! We couldn’t afford to join them at that time, but I would reeeally like to visit! I had no idea there were hot springs though, that just gives me an extra reason to want to go!!

  4. This is great. I’m thinking about going here next year. My friend has this plan to climb kilimanjaro and I’m considering going too. It looks like a beautiful country and I’m really excited to see it. Hopefully it all works out, but I definitely want to get here one day regardless

  5. Tanzania looks like a lovely place to visit, especially the waterfalls and beaches. I didn’t know it can get quite cold there. The hot springs would be perfect. Thank you for the great tips.

  6. I was in Tanzania many years ago, but sadly didn’t make it to Zanzibar. I love the look of the white sandy beaches there, they look incredible. I’d also like to re-visit Tanzania for its wildlife. I didn’t see nearly enough when I was there, and would love to one day again.

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