Unforgettable experience to have in Peru

Unforgettable experience to have in Peru

When you are heading to Peru, it is good to know what to expect and what can you experience. Good news is that Peru is a country, that can offer you a lot of rich experiences. And since Peru has a lot of different climates, there is a lot to choose from. I’m writing here about some of the most interesting things that I found in Peru and why I think it is worth it. I’m also writing this for those who see Peru as a spot for reaching Machu Pichu. Sometimes it is just nice to see what other things you might want to do in the country.

Experience in Peru: For animal lovers

It is definitely not a highlight of Peru, but you can watch wildlife here. Specifically, this place is great for people who are interested in Bird watching. Both on the coast and in the land. There are unique ecosystems and are open to visitors.

Ballestas island

Bird watching in Peru coast

Ballestas islands are places on the coast, and it is a rich ecosystem full of different kinds of birds. You can get there by buying a tour in town Paracas. Tour usually takes about 1-2 hours. You can usually choose whether your guide should speak Spanish or English.

It might sound boring, but in fact, it is an unbelievable thing to see. It will take about 15 minutes to get to the islands. As the horizon opens with islands, you will get to see an unbelievable amount of birds. Flying everywhere around you. Scientists counted and apparently, there are more than 6000 birds living, even special kinds. You can even see here penguins, cormorants, and sea lions.

Here is really important to choose the right company to go with. Especially if you really want to know something more about these birds and the unique ecosystem they are living in. There are a lot of companies who would take you for a tour but not a lot of them is for English speakers.

Condor view

Condor view
watching condors in Colca valley was one of my favorite experience in Peru

This was perhaps my most favorite experience in Peru. Condor view is a place high in the Andes, where is a condor sanctuary. The birds aren’t tamed or anything, just flying freely over your heads. This place is over Colca Canyon, so except birdwatching, you get to experience beautiful nature.

You can get to Colca Canyon with any company from Arequipa. Just have to count with the fact that to see Condors, who are active mostly in the morning, you have to wake up very early. Also another fact, that is good to know is that in these places is very high altitude, so by the time you go on the tour, you should be used to it, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy it.

Experience in Peru: Nature

Peru is rich in beautiful nature. And you can even choose which one you want to see. There are a lot of places that any hiking enthusiast will appreciate, such as Huaraz, a city surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Although if you are into dessert fields, beautiful coast or Amazon forest, there are more places for you there. However, these are very well known places, if you are interested in something off the beaten path, check out this amazing guide.

Colca Canyon

colca experience in Peru

I have already mentioned this canyon previously when talking about Condors. However, this canyon is not just about condors, you will also see here a lot of other interesting things. For example, there is a big culture around this canyon. People are still wearing traditional dresses, there are a lot of colonial churches and local markets.

And sure, a lot of them are possibly set up for tourists, but hey, there are also good views on nature around, including volcanos, the highest mountains in this region. Usually, when you are on the tour here, you will also see wild llamas. Overall this is a really beautiful trip, some companies offer it with one day, some with two days, with long hike alongside the canyon – go ahead and try it, but then it is better if you are a more advanced hiker. Walking in this altitude with local climate could be difficult.

Rainbow mountain

Rainbow mountain became more popular among tourists. And why not, it offers amazing views and nature is just amazing there. Full of colors, you have never thought mountains could have.

Since everything in Peru is done by tour companies, this is not an exception. Even though there are a lot of companies who are local and are cooperating with every hotel, it is good to think about your health. Rainbow mountains are in altitude of 4700m, so think about what kind of experience do you want from this trip to Peru. If you think it might be difficult for you, it is a good idea to choose someone with an oxygen bottle in a car.

Tours are usually starting in really early morning, as most people want to be there by sunrise. That is possibly also because it could be too hot in the midday. The hike here is also not for beginners. Even though locals would offer you a horse, at some point the mountain will get too steep so you need to walk by yourself anyway. Little heads up: if you don’t think that this is for you, there are plenty of other day trips from Cuzco.

Lake Titicaca

Reef village on Lake Titicaca

The highest located lake in the world is something very unique to see. You can visit it from Puno. In Puno, you will get offers of several different tours. There are usually at least two reef villages on Lake Titicaca to visit, so you will hear a lot about people who are still living on the reef islands.

There is only one thing that you might want to count on. These tours are quite commercial. So yes, you will enjoy a beautiful lake and it’s nature, but also the fact that at some point, they will try to sell you overprices souvenirs.

Experience in Peru: History

Now perhaps to the things that Peru is most known for. The history of Inkas. I’m not going to mention Machu Picchu here since I believe it should have an individual post, but I will mention some other things, you might want to check.


One of Cuzco churches

This big city used to be the capital of the Inkas realm. Cuzco still keeps a lot of its culture, even though in the city center, you will find mostly colonial churches. If you go in, you will get to know that a lot of it, was actually built on the holy ground of Inkas. Spanish tore down their temples and build Christian ones on their ruins.

Bit more from the city center, you can see uncovered ruins found recently by historians. You don’t always have a time freely walk around thousands of years old findings. So try it.

Inca valley

Valley of Incas

Last but not least, if you have seen Cuzco, it is worth to pay attention to the rest of the Inka valley. Local priest often went from Cuzco through this valley to Machu Pichu to perform some kind of festival. The valley is really large and full of what there was left from Inka culture.

So if you go on a tour through the valley – it can be a day trip or two-day tour, you will see most of what is left. I went on a day trip from Cuzco. As any other tour mentioned here, you will also wake up quite early. But it is an unforgettable experience that is possible just in Peru. Besides, if you have a jet lag, you most likely not sleeping anyway.

Usually on the tour through Inka valley, you will get to visit about 8 of the remains from Inka times. We had an amazing guide who had great English and knew a lot about it. But to be honest, here it might not matter too much, which company you will go with since people here are very used to English speakers.

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