Pictures that will make you want to visit Iceland

Pictures that will make you want to visit Iceland

Iceland is a wonderful country and should be on your bucket list. But if it isn’t, have a look and let Icelandic nature decide for you!

Most magnificent waterfall in the West Fjords
Thorsmork highlands
You can spend days just hiking. Thorsmork offer quite amazing views.
Skogafoss - beautiful waterwall
During my time in Iceland, I traveled all around. This was my most favorite waterfall.
Northern lights in Iceland
It is probably on everyone’s bucket list to see the light show. Iceland is a great place to see it, as it mysteriously fit within nature.


Dettifoss - North Iceland
Part of lake Mývatn circle is Dettifoss waterfall
Haifoss is a delicate place in Icelandic nature. Especially you are watching it during sunset.
Black beach
Black beach during a sunny day it is a rare thing to see, but it displays the beauty of Icelandic nature. Even when it is cloudy it is still something.
Flora and fauna
Even though most of a people would visit Iceland for waterfalls, it is also a wonderful place to spot flora and fauna.
During the summer you can see puffins in Icelandic nature. They are usually on south and hard to spot, so take a good camera!
Diamond beach
This is a place close to Jökkulsarlon. Diamond beach is where pieces of melted glacier meet beach. When it is really sunny, they look like diamonds on the black beach.
Glacier lagoon at its beauty. However, it is a sad reminder of climate change, because these glaciers are melting faster every year. Don’t miss it if you visit east Iceland
Perhaps best hiking place when visiting south Iceland. But is it also one of the best places to see how diverse Icelandic nature actually is.
Hidden waterfall
Close to Famous Seljanasfoss is this waterfall hidden in a cave. Getting close might get you a little bit wet, but who cares?
Fire and Ice
Iceland is a country of fire and ice. This is one of the popular geothermal areas. Very popular, but don’t try the temperature of water!
Iconic houses in Skogar
Houses with grass on top of their roof are one of the icons of Iceland.


Credits: Not all the pictures are my own, however, my friends with better cameras offered me to borrow their pictures. Therefore I would like to state it in the end. Thank you, Martina, Gabriela and Michaela, you did a great job!

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