And so this is Christmas… this time in Czech

And so this is Christmas… this time in Czech

Unlike in Denmark, Czech Christmas traditions are usually just during advent time.

St. Nicolaus and his sidekicks


This is approximately how st Nicklaus and his sidekicks looks like

St. Nicolaus is the guy who brings Christmas to Denmark. Well, in Czech he would go from house to house finding out whether kids were good this year. He would bring angel and I guess you can call him a little devil or hell daemon. Kids are supposed to sing a song and if they were good, the angel would give them candies. If not, it is said that daemon would take them away.

These three guys are usually friends of parents, who are happy to help in exchange for a little bit of alcohol or something like this.

Most of the kids would get candies but also some coal from daemon to remind them that they need to behave next year.

Candies, candies everywhere

This one is my moms favorite. I don’t know why, but most of the families feel a need to bake a lot of candies themselves. There are a lot of different kinds. And everyone has some. These candies are usually in form of small biscuits. My mom would always say that this year she would do only three kinds that we like the most… and then we always end up with at least 13 of them.

This is the main reason why most of the people would get fat around Christmas. And why most of the kids are hiding in their room, so they wouldn’t need to help with this crazy baking marathon.

The Christmas day

Christmas tree
Huge Christmas tree on the main square in one of the Czech Christmas tradition

Most of our traditions are happening on Christmas day – on the 24th.

There are a lot of traditions that are taking place on 24th apart from decorating the Christmas tree or packing the gifts. What a lot of families do is that they would cut an apple in half, so they can see the seeds. If there is a star from the seeds, it is supposed to mean that the family is going to be healthy next year. Apart from that, you can use seeds to predict the weather for next year. Seeds from this apple would go to water and depending on how much would drown down, that many months it will be rainy weather.

But overall, Czechs seems to like to predict things. We would also try to make little boats out of shells of nuts and put them in the water. According to an old saying, if they all stay together, so will the family. If some boat will float away, so will its owner – so if you are planning to travel in the next year, I recommend shake with the water bowl.

When it comes to dinner as a Czech tradition – we usually eat carp. And not just any carp. If you want to have proper Czech tradition, you will buy living fish, keep it in your bathtub (disgusting, I know) and kill it your self on the Christmas day. It is kind of hardcore, but we keep doing it. And it is quite easy to buy this living fish – the sellers are everywhere in the streets, they will even ask you if you want to kill it your self or if you want them to do it. Yes, just on the street.

As disgusting as it is, this is really what we are doing home during Christmas. Even though the modern family doesn’t really hold these traditions, it is still quite interesting to do them with your grandparents.

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