SweDen part 3: the southest part of Scandinavia

SweDen part 3: the southest part of Scandinavia

Malmö Bridge
Somewhere there is a bridge between Sweden and Denmark

Malmö and Copenhagen are the places where the famous series called Bridge took place. Which basically means that our trip looked like this: This is the place, where they killed that guy! Oh and this is the place where they found the other woman! And here happened this! Oh and this is where Saga Noren lives!

Malmö is also a place that a lot of conservatives consider as “no-go” zone due to its high number of foreigners. I also consider it as a no-go zone but for a completely different reason. We were in Malmö on Friday and all we wanted was one beer in the evening. Those are as rare as the violent immigrants people keep talking about. This would never happen in Denmark. If it is Friday and you are in Denmark, you are surrounded by beer. In Malmö, we found a lot of nonalcoholic beer, expensive beer in the pubs or…

after half an hour of finding cheap beer and a place to eat we got it. But it gave us sweat.

Hello Copenhagen

Before we finished our Swedish adventure, we shortly visited our friend in Lund. Lund is a little Harvard-like town in the south of Sweden, that looks very much like universities in the US. Well anyway, that was our last town to visit in Sweden and straight after we head to Copenhagen.

Cloudy Copenhagen
Short stop in Copenhagen on our tour through Scandinavia.

I have already written a lot about Copenhagen and both me and Leni was in the city before. So it didn’t make sense to go through all of it again. Which is why we just went for the more interesting part of the city. Christiania. After that, we bravely decided to travel around with Danish subway even though we have never used it before. Which explain why we ended up at slightly different part of the city than expected.

When you come from Sweden, Copenhagen seems to be quite different. Not only by an amount of beer that is everywhere on Saturday but also by the architecture. When you compare Copenhagen to Stockholm, Stockholm is like the older classic guy who likes old things and wouldn’t necessarily bother with new trends. Copenhagen is quite the opposite. New buildings are next to the old ones and it is quite interesting to compare it.

Since Leni had a meeting with a friend, I was the one to wander around evening Copenhagen and get more kilometers in legs.  So Copenhagen and Lund get me 22 kilometers. Also, a good thing on almost the last day of our trip we finally found out how to use Google maps without constantly getting lost. And we manage to navigate ourselves even through a dark park without any light.

Odense and homecoming

Odense - town of Andersen
On our short stop in Odense, we saw the house of H.C. Andersen and nested in hygge café.

Odense is the biggest city in the island of Fyn in Denmark. It is also birth town of H.C.Andersen. But according to Lenis friend – totally not interesting. Thanks for the opinion, we spend there the whole morning and was generally impressed.

We went all around the town, seeing all the important place of the famous writer and nested for two hours in the most hyggeligt café that we found. By accident it was also the most hipster café that there was, featuring all the photobooks, hipster drawing book and everything bio and homemade.

Later on, we discovered that there is a sci-fi museum and that Czech has a significant track in sci-fi history. In the museum, we found more than 3 Czech movies. It was quite fun to discover it. We started to talk about it just in time when other Dane stand and listen to it. You could almost see his face going “the hell?” once we started to speak with this sci-fi language.

With this sci-fi language, we arrived home. I decided to show Leni, that there could be such a thing as a hygge pub and after a short walk around Kolding, we went spooky beer in a pub where I work. Inspirational talks about the future and what we should do was finished in Aarhus, where we, unfortunately, didn’t visit the museum we wanted because it was Monday.

But I can say that I’m happy that I find out that I can travel with one person all the time. I was happy to be Leni, where we found out that we have a lot in common even though we saw each other twice before. Thanks for that, I hope we’ll do some more trips in the future.

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Botanical garden in Aarhus
We finished our trip in Aarhus in botanical garden. Thanks for the trip.

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