SweDen Trip part 2: heading west

SweDen Trip part 2: heading west

Our plan for the beginning was having several stops through several towns and get our selves to Denmark, Lenis last stop. So for the next stop, we choose to go to Jönkopping. That might be a town that you have never heard before, probably because even Swedes kept telling us, that there is nothing there.

Center of Jönkopping
Modern architecture and a lake

Well, not true, there is a university – like in every other town we visited, and a huge lake. Overall we were happy that Jönkopping was just a little stop on our way to Göteborg.

Long story short: Jönkoping is a gorgeous town, surrounded by a lake and a forest. It was brilliant to see it in autumn when the color changed a lot. But I believe that it could be even better to visit in summer when you can bathe in the lake.

Anyway, time to move on. Next stop Göteborg, the second biggest city in Sweden. Or so we thought. True is that we got stuck for an hour in an even smaller city called Falkopping. It was not supposed to be that long, but Swedes like to make it interesting. So we got other time of departure every ten minutes. In case you were wondering, what Falkopping is, Lenis definition was that it is a town like Beroun in Czech. You might not know Beroun, but every country has this town where is nothing and time magically stoped in 70’s.

Opera in Göteborg
Göteborg is the second biggest city in Sweden

A mix of cities called Göteborg

After an hour we finally got to catch the train which kinda sneaked out from the other direction than we expected. But we got to go to Göteborg. This city welcomed us truly weirdly. Starting with a high guy, showing us, where our accommodation is. Continued with us, deciding to find a place to eat. Nice place with cheap Mexican food… Which was also a metal bar. Because of the name “Rock Bar,” we did expect something rockier, but not that we won’t fit unless we grow a beard.

Turns out, even these people are fine once you find a common ground. Like in our case – not liking people. As Leni said, we were glad that we find that we drink with them at the last moment. Otherwise, there would be a great risk of a hangover in the morning and not seeing so much in the city as we did.

I would love to describe how Göteborg looks like, but I think it will be easier if I just put here our conversation:

Leni: This reminds me of Odesa in Ukraine!

Albi: It kinda reminds me of the spa towns in Czech

L: And this part look more like Berlin!

A: And this is more like Amsterdam! And this particular street seems more like Venice!

… In other words, Göteborg is a weird mix of all kinds of cities. We thought it was a lot bigger, but we manage to get through the downtown in about two hours.

Dock in Göteborg
Harbor and canals is a place to visit in Göteborg. Always something happening.

For the previous part of the trip click here. Or the last one, just way a couple of days. And don’t forget, that you can visit Leni and her website about data here.

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