SweDen Trip part 1: Walking half marathon through Stockholm

SweDen Trip part 1: Walking half marathon through Stockholm

I was used to traveling alone and meeting people on hostels. But two months ago I decided to do something very different and hit the road with a girl who I saw only once before and talk on Twitter a few times. Turns out it was a great decision. Because she also has a website, you can see it here.

Two months ago we started to plan our way through Scandinavia based on the fact that we just like this place and we both felt like going somewhere. And so Scandinavia it is. During the summer I started to play with an idea that I might want to visit Stockholm and a few more places around Sweden. Well, Leni was in Stockholm 8 times, so unless I would find someone who is living there, I guess, I couldn’t do better.


Conquering Stockholm
After month of planning, we finally met in Stockholm and went for Scandi trip


30 km through Stockholm

I started my trip by a naive idea that if I speak Danish in Sweden people will understand me. After first grown I got the idea that it is more likable that I might get myself into a fight that way and so English it is then.

“Wanna head for the town?” Asked me Leni after I got unpacked in our botel. I naively said that we should. I don’t regret it, cause I can really say that I saw everything from Stockholm and I have to say, I really admire Leni for knowing so much about Stockholm, from where is which museum what is on every little island around to the fact where used to live Alexander Skargaard (if you are two girls traveling, this fact is more important than everything else). However, that walk was about 5 km. Which is actually fine considering what came the next day.

Because Leni was in Stockholm many times, she let me choose what do I want to see (thank you!). And I wanted to see something very Swedish. So ABBA museum and Vaasa museum (museum of one of the biggest boat that drowned after kilometer) is something to see only in Sweden.

Mamma mia!
Visiting ABBA museum in Stockholm

We started our day by going to the best chocolate place in town. Even though I regret that many calories at that time, I’m sure that this was the one day when I burned down more calories than I ate. Because after that we headed to the island with Skanzen, ABBA, Vaasa, and Nordiska, which we didn’t visit, but it felt like seeing a piece of Hogwarts.

…brace yourself, museums are coming

Skansen is a museum that Leni explained to me as “This is how things look before in Sweden”. So we went through different working places, such as glass and wood manufacture, awkwardly look at the people hoping that we will buy something or at least ask something intelligent. The second thing happened when we went to a house that was supposed to be from 30’s. Surprise was that the house still looked like my grandma’s house look like now. However, the grandma inside was nothing like mine. In linguistic terms. It was very impressive that someone who looks like an old grandma from fairy tale switch from Swedish to very fluent English the second she figure out that we might not understand her as much as she would like us to do.

I think we still enjoy the most zoo of Nordic animals. I mean how many times in your life you will see boar acting like a little dog that was just pure joy.

Vaasa museum
Vaasa – the museum of the great Swedish failure brought back to live in air lock museum

Now only after that (and it was only around 1 pm), my step counter told me that I reached a limit of steps today (which was 10 000). And so we head to the next attraction. ABBA museum. The weird thing about this place is that the first thing you will see is not from ABBA but all the electric guitars from different rock bands.

I’m not a fan of ABBA, but the museum is quite amazing. You get to see all the clothes that they wear on shows and you got to sing and dance and get to know all the story. Overall I have to say that it helped me to get through the day. Especially because right after we visit Vaasa museum.

And while ABBA museum wall all fun, Vaasa is a museum where you more read and see the old boat. Or as my Danish boyfriend put it, the biggest Swedish embarrassment.

…So that was 18 km adding up to 12 km that I mysteriously gain somewhere the day before while traveling to Stockholm.


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