What to see when visiting Copenhagen

What to see when visiting Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a city that won a lot of “the best” cities awards. It is ecological, family-friendly but most of all, it is the city to see when experiencing the classic Nordic city. While visiting Copenhagen you will see old buildings are neighbors of the new ones and yet it doesn’t look like a circus. Even more, Copenhagen has a great number of boutique hotels, if you are interested in some of them, check out this guide.

So here are few tips on how to circle (or cycle?) through Copenhagen.

Visiting Copenhagen and what to see

1, Go through canals

Copenhagen walk
Walkthrough Christianshavn offers the best view on an old and brand new building

Walkthrough canals are one of the great opportunities to see how old buildings can be partners with modern architecture. You can see the new library, opera house, and theater right next to Nyhavn’s old building, behind those new ones you can still see the old churches, parliament and so on.

2, Nyhavn

The most famous picture from Copenhagen

Yes, that would be the place from all the postcards from Denmark. There are a lot of colorful buildings, harbor, restaurants so expensive that you don’t even dare to take your wallet out. But if you are interested in tours that are not so ordinary, you have a great chance to get here your ticket to a guided tour through canals with history and architecture expertise.

3, Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid
The most famous sculpture in Copenhagen

Yes, the famous statue on the shore of Copenhagen. It is actually surrounded by quite a nice park with old military devices and the whole park is shaped like a star. The Little Mermaid is also surrounded by at least 20 tourists during any time of the day.

Here is a weird thing that people don’t seem to get: if we are talking about LITTLE Mermaid, it truly means that the sculpture isn’t big. It is a little Mermaid, not Mermaid the giant (although things would go definitely better for this girl).

4, Amalienborg

Right next to the royal palace there is a beautiful big church to visit

You’ll get there on your way to the Little Mermaid. Amalienborg is the royal palace and another place other than London, where you can see soldiers with Marge-Simpsons-hair hat. Unless you are important enough, you cannot really go in, however, you can still wait for guards to change, which can be also interesting, especially if you have never seen anyone scream in danish before.

This palace is also close to the Christians church, which is architectonically delightful both from inside and outside.

5, Free town of Christiania

Free town of Christiania was founded in the ’70s and is hippie up till now

Christiania supposed to be a little state inside of Danish capital. It doesn’t really work that way, because all of the citizens are actually using danish education, welfare, and social system, but they like to think so. Christiania is full of graffiti art, cheap food, and concerts and most importantly: weed. Which is good news if you cannot find it, just sniff around for a little bit and soon you know where to go.

Christiania likes to present itself as the cultural side of Copenhagen, which is not only for the graffiti but also the free concerts during the night.

Few important things: Do not take pictures there. People, there are really afraid that you might be an undercover cop or that you will just give your pictures to the police. Also: take cash with you. Because of the whole independent gig, they are not really having a card machine as it is something that they would need to pay taxes to the Danish government.

6, Walk inside of Copenhagen

Walk through inner Copenhagen
Copenhagen is full of interesting architecture both from the old times and the new.

You have already walked around the canals, now it is time to see inner Copenhagen with more history. Start by finding the main shopping street(Stroget), along with it, there is a Christiansborg (one of many nonfunctional palaces), city hall (still not open to the public), Kongens Nytorv – a square with botanical gardens and equestrian sculpture (interesting in summer).

More tips for visiting Copenhagen

Museums don’t seem to be anything special, which is why I’m mentioning only one. If you like museums, visit Aarhus and their ARoS museum of modern art or other cities.

Rosenborg would be your place to visit. Royal exhibition will introduce not only the history of royals but also the crown and more. Besides that, there is a nice park around the castle.

Extra tips:

-Almost everywhere, you can rent a bike and cycle through Copenhagen like a real Dane. Those bicycles are quite cheap. It should be around 20 Dkk for an hour.

-And if you are into parks, go to Tivoli, it is like Disneyland, but danish with hygge.

-For amazing day trip from Copenhagen, check out Forest tower, that is about an hour south of Copenhagen.

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