Study in Denmark starting manual

Study in Denmark starting manual

Studying in Denmark become more and more popular over the years. Denmark offers a high-quality education that is free for EU members (Switzerland, Norway, and Iceland as well). So it is a great opportunity for those who don’t want to begin their adult life with debt and are interesting in something better.  So here is a manual on how to start.

Choose the school

Studying in a foreign country is a big challenge but it is also a big fun.

Danish education offers a lot of possibilities whether you feel like doing something in agriculture or if your future lays in robotic and software systems. The greatest overview on where to go you can find here.

Because some of the things might be a bit confusing, here is how the Danish education system works: You can choose a bachelor at university which will take approximately three years. Alternatively, you can choose something called AP degree, which is a professional degree. On these institutions, you can usually expect more “hands-on work”. After that, you can go for something called top-up which is a year and a half of study to finish bachelor. The main difference between the normal and alternative way is the fact that if you do AP, you will get more experience.

Recommendation: Since the Danish government is trying to reduce international students, it is better to choose the whole bachelor. That way you won’t have an issue to find top-up to finish your degree.

Criteria for admission

Every school is writing its requirements and it is definitely worth it to follow them. One of them is especially important: The motivation letter. A lot of Scandinavian schools actually don’t care about the grades you have as long as you got the minimum that they require.

In your motivation letter, you should really explain why would this school be for you, what are you planning to do once you gain the education and if you are sure that you can live abroad. These are the main topics to consider. The school just simply wants to know that you are mature enough to make it on your own in a foreign country that doesn’t speak your language. So if you love traveling, mention it. If you spent a year abroad, write it to them. Just so they are sure that you can make it.

Also if you have some teacher that could write you a letter of recommendation, it is a big help. Because what happens a lot is that a lot of students would eventually try to ditch some of the classes. So someone who would say that you are a good student can help to improve your score.

There are many criteria that the school is deciding on. For example the nationality. It is simply impossible to take 15 people just from one country. The international classes need to be diverse. That is not just about nationality but also gender. So if you are a girl, applying for some more boyish program, you have a better chance.

Another thing: don’t be afraid of it. Studying in a foreign country is a big deal but it is also very exciting and I’m sure that if you have guts to do it, you will enjoy it.

Next blog is going to be about studying if Denmark, so you know what to expect from the study.

If you want to know more things about working in Denmark click here.

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