Cheap fly tickets and where to find them

Cheap fly tickets and where to find them

Cheap fly tickets are a little bit like fantastic beasts. It seems hard to find them. A lot of traveling might seems like a lot of money. And it is. But if you know how to do it, you can save a fortune.

So here is a little guide

Step 1: forget about fly agents

Momondo, Sky scanner, and others. Just no, these companies are charging you extra because they got the license (or something similar) to sell fly tickets on their website. It is very rare that you would find a good deal over there.

However, they are not completely useless. I would recommend Kiwi.

Here is how you use it: try to find the destination where you want to go in a date you want to go. You’ll see a little calendar with prices. So if the date doesn’t matter, you can choose anything. When you have it, click on ‘Find’ button and the city where you want to go. Carefully look at the airlines that it is showing to you. Those are the airlines that you’ll need to find in your browser. Buy the fly ticket directly from the airline company, where it is going to be cheaper even with insurance.

Important thing: Sometimes there are flights that might be cheaper on Kiwi – for example, if you are switching between airlines that don’t have an agreement between each other. What does it mean for you? That if you need to change the plane, you will need to check out and in again. That is where you need to see how much time do you have between flights. You’ll need at least an hour for that.

Flying is great but not as much when airlines make you switch 3 times and wait on the airport for a long time, But it is the price for cheap flying.

Step 2: Uncomfortable traveling

Yeps, if you really care just about traveling and your destination, but doesn’t really matter how you are going to get there, it is going to be much cheaper for you. Not kidding. Connecting flight are way cheaper than direct ones. Especially those where you need to wait for a longer time.

On the other hand, take it as an occasion to see another city. That is how I visited Canada in the first place. I was supposed to wait at the airport for 14 hours. Hell no! I went out to see the city. Even if I was deadly tired. But it was worth it. And a lot of cheap offers are like this.

Especially Kiwi offers flights where you need to wait in certain cities even for a few days. So if you feel like multiple trips, go for it.

Step 3: the algorithm of airlines

Ok, I don’t know it too well but there are simple rules. Typically, the longer you stay, the cheaper the flight ticket will be. I don’t know why, but if you stay somewhere for 3 weeks, it usually costs a lot less than 6 days in the destination.

Return tickets are always the way. Overall it doesn’t pay off to go only one way unless you have a good reason for it. The airlines want to have as many customers as possible so once you say, that you would actually like to come back from your destination, it will cost you less money. So even if you are planning bag packing all over the country, it will pay off to come back to the airport you started at.

The big question is always “when?” and it very much depends. If you have connecting flights to a rare destination (say Zimbabwe?), then buy it at least 3 months before you are planning to go. If you want to go to some place where it takes only an hour, you might want to wait. Even if it is a bit risky.

Be flexible

Hard to say when you are a student and want to manage the vacation during your holiday, I know, but still, kinda needed. If you cannot be flexible about the time, try to be flexible about the airport. Big airports are often cheaper. Example: I live in Kolding, which is a small town on the east coast of Denmark. Even I have several options when it comes to airports – Copenhagen is only 3 hours away by train, Hamburg (the cheapest option) is only 4 hours away, Billund I can reach in half an hour and Aarhus could be done in an hour. Cheapest one is, of course, Hamburg and if I would be supposed to go for bigger vacation, Hamburg would be the number one option. But since the trains and buses are not going there as often as they go to Copenhagen, that would be my number one option anyway.

This is the Oresund bridge between Malmo and Copenhagen

One extra tip

The main reason why am I using Kiwi is that you can also choose, whether you want to choose the destination “anywhere” and it will show you the cheapest destination from your airport at the date you want. Alternatively, if you don’t care about the date, you can choose “anytime” when it comes to the time and it will show you the cheapest flights for your destination. But be prepared to pack on the next day!

If you need more help with buying fly tickets or more tips, share them in coments!

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