Working in Denmark

Working in Denmark

A lot of people are asking me (especially on Twitter), how it is to work in Denmark and how easy or hard it is to find a job. Well, this is a blog that will hopefully answer all the questions.

Lesson 1: Everything is about luck

Work in Copenhagen
Denmark is a country of rich working culture and equality

It is true. I moved to Denmark and with little to no knowledge of Danish and somehow I got a job in a week, which caught me by surprise. Some of my schoolmates were finding a job for three months or even longer. Even my boyfriend who is from Denmark is having an issue to find a job that is not in hospitality or in a factory.

So it is really about being in the right place at the right time. And better come with some money in a bank rather than starving here.

One more important fact: you need to work legally, otherwise you might get deported. Also, it is good to know that by signing a paper regarding your work permit you are basically saying that you have enough money to live here if not, you also might get deported. (All these cases are very rare)

Lesson 2: The importance of language

All Danes have some level of English. So it is easy to fall into conclusion that Danish is not necessary. Especially in student job, it is important to even try. A lot of employers are looking if you are trying to speak at least basics of the language. If you do, most of the time you are more suitable to get the job. Of course, there might be exceptions. In the big international cities like Copenhagen or Aarhus danish might not matter as much as if you are living somewhere in the middle of Jutland.

English is also more widely used if you work as a dishwasher or some other place, where you don’t necessarily need to talk to other Danes. However, if you do have a certain education (IT and so on), where you would be appreciated regardless of the languages, the Danish would be just a polite thing to do.

The work culture

Danes are a nation that relies a lot on empathizing with each other and debating. Which basically means that you are not supposed to be afraid of your boss. You need to be able to talk to him, discuss both personal and work issues. If you are not from Scandinavia, this might surprise you. Especially if you are coming from eastern Europe, where the relationship between boss and employer is very different so saying to your supervisor that he act unreasonably is completely insane and equivalent of saying that you are about to quit.

So that would be it for tips and tricks regarding finding a job in Denmark. Hope it was useful. If you have more questions, hit me up in comments! Or if you need a wider source of information have a look here.

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