Multicultural Beer day

Multicultural Beer day

The first weekend in September is devoted to beer. And because Denmark is a multicultural country, it is not just the Danish beer.

This little festival usually starts with something called a beer walk. People would buy tickets to the different pubs Where they will receive the beer and some little snack. Most of the time you can choose which beer you want to, snacks, however, are usually not optional.

There are a few fun things about this little ritual. Because most of the people would finish their work at around 2 or 3 pm which is the time when the beer walk begins, you can see quite a lot of gentlemen in their suits being wasted in the middle of the town at 5 pm. And they would stay in the downtown for quite a bit so it is not uncommon that on the next they, they would be coming back for their suitcase.

Another quite fun thing is the fact that a lot of people would buy a ticket, but wouldn’t bother to find out what kind of food and drinks this ticket consist. And because I work in the hospitality industry, I saw quite a lot of guests asking if they can exchange this meal for something else. Nope. They cannot.

Beer day festival in Denmark
Beer day is one of the busiest day in Denmark. It is a big tradition

The fever of Saturday beer day

The Saturday is kinda like October fest. I have actually never been in Octoberfest, but there is beer everywhere. Because Denmark is a country of a lot of nationalities, it is not like there is only danish beer. Partially because nobody can drink that much Carlsberg without getting allergic to that beer.

When you walk around Kolding, you will see a lot of stands. Most of the time they would have some kind of flags around them. For example, my pub had both Canadian and polish stands around. But then again, the pub where I work have something around 300 kinds of beers all year long. So for most of the people this work like a pitstop. Besides the fact that there are stands everywhere, there are also different seminars about beers. For example, my boss did something called ‘historic beer tasting’ which was basically getting through the history of beer with a pint in your hands.

Overall it is another weekend in Denmark, where nobody walks out of sober. Which is very difficult especially because it is usually the weekend right after the Culture night. So that would be two weekends in a row where nobody remembers anything.

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