Culture nights without culture

Culture nights without culture

In Denmark and other Scandinavian countries, we have something called Culture nights (Kulturnat). They are usually final cherry on top of the culture week. Those weeks differ on a region – for example, Copenhagen has a culture week set on different dates than Aarhus. So if you really want, you can get wasted in different cities even in 5 weeks in the row and people would still consider you as a culture creature.

People on the culture night
On the culture night, streets are filled with people.


The fun about culture nights is that you can experience different arts and workshops in one day. So if you are interested in graffiti, there usually is one place to go. Same goes for drawings, concerts, that are everywhere and nowadays we have even sculptures.

However, if you are a bartender, it is going to be very unlucky night for you. My part-time job in Denmark is waitressing. Which is especially nice for learning about Danish culture and language, except for this one night.

Culture night as a bartender

Well, here I am. In my uniform, waiting for the customers. Most of the time everything is quiet till the certain hour when everything turns into chaos and nobody knows what is doing. Especially this culture night everything was quiet till six o’clock. After that, I have no idea, what I did. My hands kinda took over the routine and I was there mostly as a viewer on some cool 3D movie.

The rule of “the customer is always right” quickly changes to “do what the bartender says or you’ll be thrown out because 300 drinking people in one place are sort of hard to manage.

From this side, I have the most hilarious story. Two women were fighting about some man and third one join them in the battle just for the hell of it. And I’m not the biggest person to try to get three people from each other. So here comes the time, when I’m looking for a fellow bartender, so we can end this battle – no matter how epic it actually was. And I find a manager. “Hey, so do you think we can do something about it?” I asked. The answer was: Well, we can definitely watch it.

So much for the rules on Culture night, where even the most decent person can join “bitch fight”.

Culture night as a guest

Light show on culture night
One of the popular attraction is a light show on buildings.

Culture night seems to be the only time, when you can get wasted at 3 pm, throw up at 7 pm and continue to proceed with your future three-day hangover.

It is also very easy to get drunk. After my shift, I decided to go for a drink with my friends. I had only one beer because I was working on the next day. And sure it was a strong beer, but I’m not 14 to get wasted after one beer. So I was very surprised on the next day when my head felt like it is necessary to notify me, that next time we are not having fun after work.

I guess it must have been all the alcohol in the air around that I was breathing, so my body had no chance not to get too much alcohol than I expected.

Next days are always “fun”

Nope. Not at all. If you ever need to go outside of your house after the horror called culture night, watch out where are you stepping, cause there is a big chance that you might step into some leftover culture. Or even worse, slip on it.

But apart from this, if you don’t have a hangover, it could be quite a fun day. For example this year I met a grown-up man, who was definitely not homeless and looked more like some kind of business manager, going back home in a miniskirt with a woman handbag.

He must have experienced so much culture the night before…

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